Our Staff: Deserving & Hardworking

Many of you have reached out to our office staff expressing care and concern over your cleaning crew and their overall well-being during this pandemic. Your consideration for them speaks volumes, and they are all so grateful to have you looking out for them and their families.

Our staff has an unimaginable bond, and have continued to communicate among each other through our company Facebook page. They are constantly reassuring one another, and doing everything they can to make each other laugh. We are truly lucky to have this group of girls (and boy) be the people who make up our residential cleaning staff.

Just as this virus began to spread locally, Kim recognized the hardship our crew would soon face.

It takes a village and this one is ours.

The severity of COVID-19 increased so quickly, our staff barely had a chance to react. Thankfully, Kim allowed them to rest assured that they and their families would be fed.

It’s essential that our staff recognizes the appreciation that we hold for them, and the appreciation our clients have for them as well. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you all for taking the moment to check in.

We hope you all stay healthy and remain hopeful.

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