March 19th- Important Cleaning Updates & Toilet Paper Giveaway!

Hi there, 2 Moms & A Mop here with another quick update!
First, we would like to thank you for trusting our company now more than ever with all of your cleaning and sanitizing needs.
Every day we are educating ourselves and staff on the latest updates on the effects of COVID-19 to ensure we are providing safety to all. This increased knowledge has led us to make some minor policy changes that are listed below:
  • Changing Sheets/Linens– At this time we will no longer be changing any sheets. This precaution is being taken to protect our staff from being exposed to any bacteria within soiled linens. (Yes, we all drool!) If you struggle with a physical limitation that makes this task difficult, please contact our office and we will make arrangements.
  • Preventative Face Masks– You may not know that face masks are no longer available for purchase and are only being reserved for medical staff due to shortages. We have added a seamstress to our team and will be providing our staff with face masks to wear while cleaning. Our masks will be made with a combination of surgical grade linens to ensure safe practices. DO NOT be alarmed at the sight of a masked employee as they are not ill but using the mask as a safeguard while cleaning inside your home. You can never be too safe!
Can You Spare A Square?-By now you are aware of the mass shortage in toilet paper. It has become extremely hard to come by store-wide. Our supply is plentiful and we would like to extend an offer to our clients in need. Any client is welcome to stop by our office location and pick up a maximum of 3 rolls. Our address is 2674 S. Milford Rd. Highland, MI 48357.
As always we thank you for your business and generosity during these difficult times, and we will persevere with the support of our loyal customers. Any and all questions can be communicated to our office.

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