Who the heck are you talkin’ to?

I can’t be the only person who enjoys putting a name to the face, and nearly all you know about us who answer the phones here at 2 Moms & A Mop, is only our names.

With that being said, allow me to introduce you to the team who keeps this place running.

First up, is Kim Galbraith.

If you haven’t met or seen Kim at a local Huron Valley event, odds are you’ll recognize her now. Kim started the company in 2005 along with Michelle White, the 2 Original Moms. As one would expect of a small business owner, Kim handles a little bit of everything here in our office. Kim is a longtime resident of Milford, and will do anything and everything to give back to her community. When Kim goes home her title changes to Mom and Grandma. She has three boys of her own, and now two little grand-daughter’s, Brynlee & Andi.

Next, there is me, Courtney Galbraith.

I applied for a cleaning position nearly 8 years ago, having just turned 18. Never would I have guessed I would be in a position where I am writing this blog today. Within the last 8 years, I spent 3 and a half of those years as a cleaning technician. I was then promoted into a management position where I truly found passion for this company. Along the way, I happened to marry into the family. Matt and I have a two-year-old daughter, and three crazy dogs! Today you can find me running our Sales & Marketing departments.

The person you’ve all been waiting for, Christal Follett.

As you know by now, Christal is our Customer & Employee Relations Manager. She is your go-to for scheduling, cleaning requests, questions, etc. Christal too, was hired for a cleaning position but her care for our customers & company, along with her natural abilities, promoted her into her management seat all within less than a year. Christal is not only our ‘Staff Mother’, but a mom of three children of her own, which is what makes her the perfect fit in her role. Even though Christal hasn’t been with us long, her drive and initiative have earned her, her keep.

Oh look! Another Galbraith.

Meet Bryan Galbraith. You guessed it, Kim’s husband! Bryan takes care of all of our finances, equipment maintenance, and makes sure the company is running at a top-notch level. Bryan is always looking for better tools, systems, equipment to promote our overall productivity. Like Kim, Bryan loves spending time with not only his kids and grandkids, but their two dogs as well. Ghazni, their award-winning blue heeler/boxer mix plays on a frisbee league with Bryan, where they dominate their entire class.

Last but not least, meet Michelle White.

Yup, you read that correctly. Michelle, Original Mom re-joined our company again after almost 14 years of parting. It wasn’t long after Kim and Michelle starting the company, that Michelle’s husband was transferred to a different location for his career so their family had to move south. While she still lives in Mississippi, she remotely acts as our Human Resources Director. By now you know Michelle is too, a mom of two kids. Michelle has always been apart of the 2 Moms family and co-founder of our roots; we are thrilled to have her apart of our team again.

That’s us!

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